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payment & shipping

Payment options

We currently accept domestic and international credit and debit card payment through
PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to submit payment through PayPal.
All promotions and discounts are applied on the summary page of checkout

If you would like to make a payment through bank wire transfer or another wire service, please send an email to  to request information for sending wire transfer payment

How to use promo/discount codes

Please visit our promos & codes page for all current promotions and codes

When using PayPal - you will be able to enter your promo code and see the discounted amount on the summary page of checkout. 


All U.S. orders of $200+ receive free standard shipping
You will see free shipping on the summary page of checkout

Standard shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery time is estimated at 3 business days after shipment.
For orders below $200 standard shipping is at flat rate of $8.95 per order, unless otherwise specified in a shipping promotion. 

Overnight service is available through USPS Express Mail. The rate is shown during the checkout process. 

Orders are shipped same day whenever possible. 

Worldwide Shipping 
We will attempt to ship your international order the same day that you place it whenever possible.
Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email from with your label/tracking number.
You will be able to track your package at, usually within 1-3 days of shipment. 

USPS Priority Mail (approximately 6-10 business days)
Order amount
 Up to $100    = $27.95
$100 - $200    = $31.95 

$200 - $400    = $34.95

Orders of $400+ = free shipping 

We ship everywhere that USPS delivers. 

USPS Priority Mail (approximately 6-15 business days) is the lowest cost service with in-transit tracking available. 

Order amount
 Up to $100    = $34.95  
$100 - $200    = $39.95
$200 - $400    = $44.95

Orders of $400+ = free shipping

All Priority Mail delivery times are estimates given by the USPS and are dependent upon variables such as customs clearance time. 

What can I expect during the USPS Priority Mail International transit process?

1. Your package will be handed to the United Sates Postal Service
2. You will see information on your package after it receives the first scan from USPS. There is no strict procedure     for when Priority Mail packages are scanned, but there will normally be at least one scan at some point             before it departs the USA via air. 

3) Once your package leaves the USA via air, the scanning process becomes the responsibility of the postal           system of the destination country. Many times (but not always) the next scan you will see after 
    departure from the USA is when your package is accepted into the customs department of your country. 

4) Your package will travel through the customs department of the destination country. You may or may               not be assessed duties and/or taxes on your package. We are unable to advise you about duties 
    and taxes - they are assessed by and paid to your government. If you have questions about importing items,     you should contact the customs department in your country.

5) We do not maintain a database of how each country handles incoming mail. If you are unsure of how your     package will be handled once it clears customs and is ready to be delivered to you, please contact 
    your postal service to get that information and be sure to have your USPS tracking number available in case     you need to use it. In many countries, your regular postal carrier will deliver your package and if you are not     available to receive it, they will often leave a notice for you of attempted delivery. If you receive one of             these notices, please follow the directions that it gives on how to claim your package and make note of           any contact information provided on this notice in case you need to call for assistance.

6) If you do not see movement on your package, please note that your package is still probably travelling           normally. From our years of international shipping experience, we have learned that the most likely                     explanation is one of these:

  • The people who have been handling it along the way have neglected to scan it.
  • It could be delayed in the customs department of your country
  • It could also simply be that the online tracking system is lagging behind in updating information. 
4) Please be aware that USPS tracking is not always accurate or up-to-date. A lack of transit information on           USPS.COM does not mean that your package is lost!
    If after 14 business days your package has still not arrived, please send an email                                                   to so that we may open an inquiry on it's whereabouts with USPS.

   Once your item has been shipped it is no longer in our possession and we are unable to give any more               information on your package than you will find with the tracking function at the USPS site, unless we open         an inquiry with USPS. Inquires can be opened 14 days after shipment.

Problems with delivery

Within the USA - for Priority Mail packages not delivered within 7 business days, please notify us so that we may open an investigation with USPS. If your package cannot be located upon the completion of the investigation we will refund your original purchase amount. No refunds will be given until a determination is given by USPS.

Priority Mail International - please notify us if your package has not arrived within 14 business days after you have received a tracking number so that we may open an inquiry with USPS to locate your package. 

We can open an inquiry only after the above-mentioned amount of time has passed. traces can take from 30-90 days depending upon the postal policies of the destination country. If your package has not been located upon the completion of the trace, your original purchase price will be refunded. 
We will not issue a refund for a lost package until we are notified of the inquiry results from USPS.

Sales tax

We only collect sales tax on applicable items to orders being shipped within the US in the state of MN. 

If your order is being shipped to any other US state or territory, or to an APO/FPO address, no tax will be applied. 

For international orders, you may be assessed customs charges and fees for your purchase by your local authorities. these charges are the responsibility of the recipient. we have no information about these charges and are not able to advise. These charges should be considered above the total cost you pay during the checkout process.

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